Member benefits

Member benefits

St Lukes members get access to a range of benefits that are designed to improve their health and wellbeing. These programs are run by St Lukes and our partners 

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Wellbeing Platform

The St Lukes Wellbeing Platform contains a range of guided programs, on-demand workouts, activities, and other wellness information*. Available on mobile and desktop, you will hear from health experts and coaches in bite-sized formats across videos, podcasts, and articles, making it easier to take care of your wellbeing on the go. 

*The information on the St Lukes Wellbeing Platform is general in nature. Before making any decisions about your personal circumstances, please speak to your medical practitioner. 

Health programs

Healthy Heart Program

To support our vision of making Tasmania the healthiest island on the planet, St Lukes have partnered with Dr Warrick Bishop and his team at the Healthy Heart Network to help combat heart disease in Tasmania. We have invited 100 of our St Lukes members to participate in a pilot study program designed to detect risk factors for heart disease before a problem occurs. 

Osteoarthritis Program

St Lukes has launched a pilot program offering eligible members living with hip or knee Osteoarthritis an alternative to joint replacement surgery. The program is designed to prevent or delay surgery by helping you improve your condition through physiotherapy, exercise, strength development and education in a highly tailored, safe, and supervised environment. 

St Lukes Connect

We’re always looking for new ways to connect with you, and we want to make it easy for you to get the most out of your Health Insurance at a time and place that suits you. 

St Lukes Connect is your one-stop destination for your Health Insurance needs. It is available on our website and as an app on your phone. 

We have added loads of new features that will help you on your health journey, including: 

BENEFIT LIMITS: You will now be able to keep track of your Extras limits to see how much benefit you have remaining for the calendar year. 

CLAIM ON THE GO: Simply login to St Lukes Connect to make a claim. Choose who you are claiming for on your policy, take or upload a picture of your receipt, and click submit. It’s that easy. 

PAYMENTS: View your current payment details, make a regular payment, choose to pay a different amount or pay your policy up to a specific date. 

DIGITAL CARD: For those members who use an Android device, you can use tap-and-pay at treatment providers who use HICAPS terminals. 

UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION: From adding a child to your policy through to updating your contact details, take control of your Health Insurance at a time that suits you. 

Login to Connect or visit Google Play or the App store to download the app. 


Nourish Baby Program

The Nourish Baby Program is designed to educate and support you and your partner throughout your pregnancy journey. It provides information from qualified antenatal and early parenting health professionals. The online courses set you up for parenting success, letting you learn at your own pace. 

Private Postnatal Service

At St Lukes, we offer a choice for post-natal care in Tasmania’s North and Northwest. We are proud to provide our members a personalised private postnatal service. This service allows mothers and families the opportunity to rest and care for their baby while being supported by midwives and lactation consultants. 

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Snug is a mobile app available for free for St Lukes Members that makes it easy to put you and your family at the centre of your healthcare. It conveniently collects all your medical history and fitness data in one secure app. With Snug, you can collect and monitor your own data to help you make informed choices about your health and well-being. 

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Health Navigation

As we work towards our vision of making Tasmania the healthiest island on the planet, we’re offering a free health navigation service to the whole community in Southern Tasmania. If you are exploring healthcare options for the first time or have hit a roadblock while trying to navigate the Tasmanian health system, we can help. 


Bank of Us

St Lukes and Bank of us have formed a strategic alliance to improve our support for the Tasmanian community. This alliance brings together two organisations with shared values and a deep commitment to the well-being of individuals and the community. 

Spirit Super

St Lukes offers Spirit Super members a discount on the base rate premiums on selected St Lukes products.  

Optical provider benefits

St Lukes has established partnerships with leading optical providers to improve eye care for our members. We work with Total Eyecare, Specsavers, and OPSM, offering a variety of exclusive benefits and discounts to meet our members’ needs. 

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