Health programs

Health programs

St Lukes offers a range of health programs to support your wellness journey at every stage. Our programs include the Healthy Heart Program, Osteoarthritis Program, and the Nourish Baby Program for expectant parents. These programs are tailored to provide comprehensive care and education, for a healthier, more informed you.

Health programs

Healthy Heart Program

To support our vision of making Tasmania the healthiest island on the planet, St Lukes have partnered with Dr Warrick Bishop and his team at the Healthy Heart Network to help combat heart disease in Tasmania. We have invited 100 of our St Lukes members to participate in a pilot study program designed to detect risk factors for heart disease before a problem occurs. 

Osteoarthritis Program

St Lukes has launched a pilot program offering eligible members living with hip or knee Osteoarthritis an alternative to joint replacement surgery. The program is designed to prevent or delay surgery by helping you improve your condition through physiotherapy, exercise, strength development and education in a highly tailored, safe, and supervised environment. 

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Wellbeing platform

The St Lukes wellbeing platform contains a range of guided programs, on-demand workouts, activities and other wellness information*. Available on mobile and desktop, you will hear from health experts and coaches in bite-sized formats across video, podcasts, and articles, making it easier to take care of your wellbeing on the go.

*The information on the St Lukes wellbeing platform is general in nature. Before making any decisions about your personal circumstances, please speak to your medical practitioner.

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Nourish Baby Program

The Nourish Baby Program offers access to information and advice from qualified antenatal and early parenting health professionals through online courses. It provides you and your partner with knowledge about antenatal care options and provides ongoing support after your baby's birth, that extends into the toddler years. 

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