Types of Cover

Types of Cover

When you join St Lukes, our easy-to-understand information will help you find the right policy for you. Joining St Lukes means we’re with you on your health journey.  

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Private Health Insurer of the Year

We've got you covered with award-winning value and customer service. We’ve just won the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction award for Private Health Insurer of the Year and Private Health Insurer of the Year (Not-for-profit). 

Be among Australia’s most satisfied customers. 

Types of Cover

Hospital Cover

When you need to go to hospital, you know that you will be cared for. You can count on St Lukes Hospital cover when you need it the most. Select a Hospital product that suits your lifestyle, and be confident that when a hospital visit is needed, we're there for you. 

Extras Cover

Extras cover makes it easier for you to take care of your health. It covers benefits towards a range of preventative services not covered by Hospital cover or Medicare, including massage, dental, and physiotherapy.  

Corporate Cover

St Lukes corporate cover provides a discounted hospital and extras health insurance rate for eligible businesses. Our customer relationships specialists work across Australia to help employees find the best health insurance to suit their needs. 

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