Who we cover

Who we cover

St Lukes has a vision to make Tasmania the healthiest island on the planet. That means making sure we offer cover so you’re cared for at your stage of life. Our cover options are designed for Tasmanians, making sure you have a cover that suits your lifestyle needs and gives you peace of mind.  

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Singles cover

St Lukes singles cover is designed for a range of individual lifestyle needs. Choose from Extras, Hospital cover, or both. Being a member of St Lukes means Tasmanians don’t have to manage their health alone. 

Couples cover

St Lukes couples cover meets both your needs. Through a personal cover review, your healthcare needs are matched to a policy suited to your joint lifestyle. Have peace of mind knowing that you and your loved one will be cared for when you need it most.  

Families cover

Families have a lot of moving parts and moving people. St Lukes understands that Tasmanian families need a policy that covers their lifestyle needs including Extras and Hospital, for young and old. St Lukes family cover is designed to do just that for Tasmanian families.  

Single parent cover

Single parents sacrifice a lot for their kids, and that can include their health. Our single parent policies work to make sure your whole family is cared for and covered, including you. We want all Tasmanians to be their healthiest, for them and their loved ones.  

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Want to find our more?

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