Single parent cover

Single parent cover

Single parents sacrifice a lot for their kids, and that can include their health. Our single parent policies work to make sure your whole family is cared for and covered, including you. We want all Tasmanians to be their healthiest, for them and their loved ones.  

Single parent cover

Benefits of single parent health insurance

St Lukes provide health insurance to Tasmanian parents that allows them to look after themselves and their loved ones. Members benefit from cover options that subsidise costs, provide you with choice and reduce wait times when you’re receiving care.

What single parent cover is best for me?

St Lukes single parent cover is designed to offer a range of cover options to meet the lifestyle needs of Tasmanians. So that you can choose the right single parent policy for you, the St Lukes cover review will consider your personal circumstances and needs against our range of cover options. 

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Choose the cover that suits your needs

Use our online cover selector to find a level of cover to suit your lifestyle needs, or get in touch with our team to receive a personalised cover review.


Switch to St Lukes

You can switch to St Lukes online, instore or over the phone. We have many options to make switching to St Lukes easy.


St Lukes will do the rest

We will do all the paperwork for you and we’re happy to have that awkward ‘it’s-not-me-it’s-you’ conversation with your previous insurer.

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