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St.LukesHealth is proud to launch Snug to its members.

Snug is a free mobile app for St.LukesHealth members that makes it easy to put you and your family at the centre of your healthcare by conveniently collecting all your medical history and fitness data in one secure app.
With Snug, you can collect and monitor your own data to help you make informed choices about your health and well-being.
*Snug is intended for use solely as a health information management tool and is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.

Snug has three core functions:

  • Integration of health devices
    Data from your electronic devices like your FitBit, AppleHealth Kit or GoogleFit, to provide you with more insights into your health.
  • Share your health information with loved ones
    As a parent, you can easily manage your children’s health or help an elderly parent or relative better manage their health.
  • Share your health information with medical providers
    To assist your interactions with GPs, hospitals and other health professionals, Snug information can be shared with health providers to inform their decisions and allow better outcomes.

Snug can also help you track sleeping patterns, set goals around fitness, record your own health notes and encourage you to be proactive in your own health.

Your health is complex – but with Snug it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Exclusive Features for St.LukesHealth Members

My Health Record
Connect to the Government’s MyHR, which imports all your information on vaccines, GP and hospital encounters as well as the medication you have been prescribed.
My Circle of Care
Your Circle of Care is a modern approach that allows you to manage the health information for your loved ones, allowing you access to all the necessary health information in one easy place.
My Home Devices
Keep track of your sleeping patterns, set goals around fitness and connect to a range of fitness apps.
Find a medical provider in your area.

Snug is easy to use

Everyone should have the opportunity to manage their own healthcare, Snug provides..
  • Quick access to your medical summary, track your physical health activity or record a quick health note
  • Integrate devices including phones, fitness devices or medical devices.
  • SMS alerts to your selected emergency contacts for low blood sugar, abnormal heart readings or for the moments that matter
  • The ability to upload and preserve your health history including past conditions, procedures and any old paper records
  • The ability to easily track your child’s development.

Download Snug to your device


Download Snug on the Apple Store      Download Snug on Google Play

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We hope you quickly find what you need in our FAQs:
How do I get a Snug account?
Download the Snug app from the App Store or Google Play.

With Snug, you can view them alongside your own Health Notes, together with other data sources such as wearable and phone-based fitness activity trackers and medical devices.
What is my Health Note?
There are four different types of Notes you can add for discussion with your practitioner:
  1. Text - type in when you felt dizzy, maybe fainted, what you need to ask your Doctor
  2. Photo or Picture - unusual mole of rash, maybe a bruise to show your Doctor
  3. Voice - get your practitioner to record any instructions so you won't forget
What is my Care Circle?
Your Care Circle is a modern approach that allows you to manage the health information for your loved ones, giving you peace of mind from knowing you have access to all the necessary health information in one easy to use place when you need it.

More than one person can make sure immunisations, medications or health device readings are up to date and this information is then on hand for appointments or school events. You can even encourage each other to meet health goals.
Who else can see my Snug information?
If you have your own Snug account and login, you can grant or revoke access to others to view it through 'Permissions' on the main menu.

If someone else is a custodian managing your Snug personal health record and you do not have your own account login, the person managing your Snug personal health record will be able to view and update your Snug information, and will be able to provide access to other people.
Does my private health insurer have access to my Snug record?
No, your Private Health Insurer cannot access any of your personal data or medical history by law. For further information read the Privacy Policy

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