Development FAQs

Development FAQs

Information around our new Head Office build in Launceston.

Will my premiums increase because of this? 

No, your premium will not increase because of this build. Premiums only increase because of increases in the cost of healthcare driven by factors such as increased wages for nurse and hospital staff, doctors’ charges, the cost of medical equipment and technology and the increase in frequency that members access care. 

As a not-for-profit health insurer, why are you spending or borrowing this much money? 

The proposed development follows an extensive review of St Lukes’s long-term requirements, with the current site no longer suitable for a modern and agile business. St Lukes employees were currently working across four buildings in Launceston, resulting in additional costs and operational inefficiencies associated with occupying multiple sites. 
This build will provide a fit-for-purpose modern head office that will bring all our employees together and provide a more efficient and collaborative workplace for them. Rebuilding our head office is a robust strategic investment in a growing real estate environment, which is a sound use of our members’ funds and will deliver strong economic returns to meet our members’ needs. 

Will the new building blend into the existing heritage? 

The new build will respectfully pay homage to the heritage of the area.  From the 1820s, the Northbank of the city was developed with warehouses supporting the export trade from the Northern Pastoral Industry. Our plans are to build on that heritage and strengthen the area as a go-to destination. The proposed architecture will be contemporary and paired with its timber construction, has synergies with the industrial structures of the area. 

What materials are being used in the build? 

In Tasmania we are fortunate to be surrounded by nature and we want to incorporate this into the building by using timber in the design. Timber is a natural, renewable and recyclable material that has the additional benefit of speeding up the building process. Our vision is that we will use as much Tasmanian timber as possible in the construction of the building. 

Will it be environmentally friendly? 

St Lukes is aiming to be among the first in Australia to achieve certification for a zero carbon footprint build. We will do this by reducing or offsetting any emissions related to the build. The use of timber will help with this, and we will do our best to use as much Tasmanian timber as possible during the construction phase. 

How tall will your new building be? 

The building is 28.5-metres tall. This size has been considered in consultation with the architect and we believe the height of the building blends in appropriately for the area. 
The proposal has side boundary setbacks and as a result it has a narrower street façade than if the building was arranged for the whole width of the site. This setback ensures that daylight can shine through and that neighbouring businesses or the public are not impacted by the height. 

How much will this inject into the Northern economy? 

The project will inject $27 million into the Northern economy, securing jobs for the region. 

Will this development impact on neighbouring businesses? 

St Lukes is working with neighbouring businesses to keep them informed throughout the process. We are looking forward to working closely with the owners of these premises. 

Who else will be in the building? 

We are currently in talks with a variety of potential tenants – both for profit and not-for-profit and those who can provide the valued service our members are seeking - and will advise closer to the completion of the build. 

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