Get active at work

Get active at work

What does your work week look like? Do you sit a lot during your day?
Being sedentary for long periods of time has been shown to have adverse health effects, even in otherwise active people.
Sitting for most of the day can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, back problems, poor posture, and severe issues such as heart problems and an increased risk of developing diabetes.
Now, you might be thinking: “Great in theory, but I’m at work, and I actually need to be working.”
Breaking up the monotony of sitting with some physical activity throughout your day can improve your productivity.
This is because movement creates blood flow, carrying oxygen to your muscles which increases your energy, lifts your mood and gives you a short break away from work to gather your thoughts and get back with a fresh mind.
To try and counter the adverse effects of sitting, many people set aside time outside of work for exercise. They lift weights, do yoga or go running, for example.

While these activities are great (as regular exercise provides many health benefits, reduces the risk of developing many diseases, and boosts our mental well-being), it is still vital that we find ways to be more active throughout the day and while at work.
Finding a way to regularly move, stretch, and get the blood flowing throughout your workday will ensure you expend more calories during the day, maintain good health, and reduce the risks of developing poor posture and back issues.
Here’s a couple of things that you can try to get a bit more movement in your day:
Add regular brief breaks

Every 20 minutes, get up, stretch your body, walk around for a minute, then sit back down. Once every hour, take a two minute break to move around. This can be a simple walk around your building, some jogging on the spot, or light jumping jacks. You don’t have to overdo it; you just need to move. Aside from that, you can use your lunch break to take a walk outside, hit the gym, or even do some bodyweight exercises in the office.

Take up tasks that require movement

This is a great way to break up your sitting time and get work done at the same time. This can include:

  • Delivering a message to colleagues instead of emailing them.
  • Parking further away from work
  • Standing instead of sitting while in a long meeting or have a walking meeting.
  • Taking frequent trips for water. This will also make sure your keeping hydrated.
  • Move your bin away from your workstation so you must get up and walk over to it if you have to throw something away.

Small changes all add up!
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