Post-natal testimony

The chance to unwind as a couple with John and bond with our new daughter before going home to our three boys was beautiful. Ellsia was our first baby girl and had a bit of a rocky start to life. She was three weeks premature and I had gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. She had some trouble controlling her blood sugar and was in intensive care.

It was convenient and reassuring being so close to the hospital when we were discharged, as we live three hours away. Midwives are across the road and we didn’t need to bring anything from home. The bath, cot, scales and everything else we needed was in the room. It’s just like having a hospital room but in a more relaxed setting. We felt so confident there.

We planned to stay two nights but had an unexpected call the morning of the transfer – our baby sitter had to leave straight away to be with her children. James from St.Lukes took care of everything and went above and beyond to organise the discharge and transfer for us. The level of care was fantastic and we are so grateful.

When we got to the Mantra everything was ok and the room was ready. It was lovely, spacious and quiet and there was a beautiful basket of goodies for us. I love the swaddles, they’re so useful. I’ve never swaddled the kids before. Ellsia loves them too!

That night we went out for a meal together in the restaurant. We could eat in the room but as I didn’t have to brave walking far to go out after the C-section and meals out don’t happen often with four kids under 10! It was lovely.

Beth the midwife visited to check over Ellsia and I before we left. She gave us lots of info to take home and for any follow up support. I could have seen the physio too but we didn’t have time and I felt fine to go home.

I couldn’t recommend it higher having private care during pregnancy. I had the boys in the public system and the staff were lovely and accommodating.

I assumed it wasn’t much different as a private patient unless there’s something major, but choosing a specialist and develop an ongoing relationship meant I had much more confidence throughout the pregnancy because of that continuity of care.

Initially we weren’t going to use the post-natal service. Living in Smithton it’s a long time to be away from the kids. We thought John could travel back and forth and realised it would be so convenient for him to come back to the hotel. Even though we had just one night in the end, it was the highlight of the birthing experience.

I wasn’t a firm believer in health cover when I was younger; I thought it was for older, less healthy people. Now we have a family, quick access to good quality medical care without hassle gives us so much peace of mind.

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