Under Gap Free Preventative Dental^ we pay 100% of the fee charged up to a maximum benefit* for each eligible service on selected St.LukesHealth products#. This means you may have no out-of-pocket to pay for an examination, x-ray, scale and clean or fissure sealing. If your dentist charges above the maximum benefit* an out-of-pocket expense may apply.

We recommend you obtain a benefit quote prior to receiving treatment.

The standout features of Gap Free Preventative Dental for St.LukesHealth members is that it applies to both adults and children and at your choice of dentist. We don’t tell you which dentist you need to go to in order to receive the higher benefit for preventative dental as it applies to all dentists^. A great way to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy.

An extra feature for children is gap-free cover^ for fissure sealing. Placement of sealants in children assessed as having a high risk of tooth decay is a safe and effective way in preventing dental decay in permanent teeth.

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^ For some preventative dental items on selected products#. Annual limits, policy and fund rules and waiting periods apply. An out-of-pocket expense may apply if your provider’s fee is higher than the maximum benefit* for each eligible service.
* Details on the calculation of the maximum benefit for each eligible service applicable to your product can be obtained by contacting St.LukesHealth.
# Selected products are Super Extras, Wellbeing Extras, Packaged Ultimate Gold and Pasplan products.

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