Exceptional service delivers for mum

Choosing St.LukesHealth was a no-brainer for mum-of-two Lisa Gilbert.

Recently introducing her son Henry to the world, Lisa joined St.LukesHealth in 2017 before her pregnancy with her firstborn Eve.

Lisa was attracted to the fund because of the member benefits and exceptional customer service.

“No pregnancy has been perfect for me,” Lisa said.

“Both my babies were IVF and I have had gestational diabetes both times but it is all still worth it.”

Lisa gave birth to son Henry via caesarean during the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning she could not take advantage of St.LukesHealth’s Mantra Charles Post Natal Service.

Instead, Lisa was provided with an at-home service, which provided her with a range of services including midwifery telephonic support.

Lisa said she found the at-home post-natal program a fantastic benefit for Northern Tasmanian mothers.

“To me, it’s really something for nothing – great customer service, which I have always had with St.LukesHealth, and then to have meals, a hamper, a voucher for a house clean and more, delivered straight to my doorstep with a friendly face was absolutely fantastic.

“In particular, the meals (were great) as the last thing I wanted to do after a c-section was worry about having to cook or my partner having to cook when we already have a toddler and now a newborn.

“I have been with numerous health funds over the years but have found St.LukesHealth to be the best so far.

“I much prefer the benefits of going private, especially as I am a high-risk patient… not just for pregnancy related, but I also have other health issues that I use my private health for regularly.

“Thank you for a friendly and easy to deal with transaction.”

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