Trust the process!

If you are considering undertaking a weight loss journey, are currently in the process of trying to lose weight or have ever been unsuccessful in your attempts for weight loss, then this article is for you!

As I have stated in previous articles, I find tracking weight on the scales one of the least effective forms of tracking progress. Saying that, I know that it is often necessary – If you are extremely overweight or if you are under doctors’ orders, then tracking your weight on the scales is often a necessity.

The main point I’m going to be addressing today is that weighing yourself sporadically is a hugely counterproductive method! Why? Because your weight fluctuates and weight loss is not linear. 

Short term weight loss is generally just change in your bodies’ water retention levels. You’ve heard stories about people losing multiple kg’s in a week? Well I can tell you now; the process of losing fat takes considerably longer than that. What they are losing is the amount of water their body has retained. You’ll often hear these miraculous losses when somebody cuts a large percentage of carbohydrates out of their diet, this is because a gram of glycogen (a store of carbohydrates) holds 3-4g of water, therefore cutting carbohydrate intake = less glycogen stored which then = a large reduction of water in your body.

Your weight fluctuates regularly; this is caused by changes in your daily activity, stress levels, bowel movements, sodium intake and more. That is normal. You may jump on the scales and see no change or even a slight increase after a week, don’t let this get you down!

Many trainers recommend daily weigh-ins (at the same time and conditions each day) for those wanting to lose weight, from there you should record the daily numbers and get yourself a weekly average. The overall trend should be a steady loss.

TRUST THE PROCESS, if you find that after a few weeks the numbers still haven’t shifted (or headed upwards), then it’s probably time to alter the program.

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