The importance of drinking water

As someone working in the fitness industry, the most important thing I tell my clients they should be doing is drinking water.

Nearly every person I ask about their water intake responds with “I really should drink more”.

This tells me that people know it is important they are just not prioritising it, which is silly considering it is one of the easiest aspects of your health you can control.

Water has many benefits:
  • It helps digestion by keeping moisture in our digestive tract as well as reduces the risk of stomach ulcers and overly acidic stomachs.
  • It keeps us looking younger by keeping our skin more hydrated and prevents premature wrinkles.
  • It cushions our joints and vital organs. The cartilage found in our joints is almost entirely water, dehydration can cause damage to this cartilage causing joint pain.
  • Without enough water our brain function is affected. Insufficient water intake can lead to less thought clarity.
  • It maintains blood pressure by not allowing the blood to become too thick.
  • It regulates body temperature.

The list really can go on when it comes to the benefits.

While there is no specific measure on how much water someone should drink a day, individuals should aim for a minimum of two litres, or more if you are physically active.
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