Not all exercise is created equal!

‘It’s better to be at the bottom of a ladder you want to climb than to be on the top of one that you don’t’ – Chris Guillebeau. This quote can be applied to so many situations but in this instance, I am applying it to the fact that you are much better off beginning a regime slowly and executing each movement perfectly that by rushing ‘ahead’ using incorrect form and forming bad habits in the meantime. I have written this article to coincide with ‘Exercise right week 21st –27th May’ so let’s get our exercise done, the right way!

If you are performing a movement consistently but poorly, you will only improve the movement in a poor fashion. Sure, you may be able to move quickly in your varied position or lift significant weight but there will be a point in time where your improvements will discontinue or you’ll start heading backwards if injury catches up with you. Exercise and movement has been a very heavily studied topic recently and lots of scientifically proven information has been provided to us and there are many reasons why we should be following these guides. ‘Just get out and get moving however you can’ is a great saying to get people a little more active, especially for those that are wanting to lose a little bit of weight but there has to be point where this basic strategy is not applicable.

If you have specific running goals, just getting out every now and then for a little shuffle is really not going to get you very far towards that goal – You would be better off identifying areas of concern, i.e. what is stopping you from achieving those goals (endurance, injury, technique) and addressing those deficits, rather than continuing your runs despite them. It is the same for those wanting to see improvements in their strength training at the gym, if you head into training and just tick along day in and day out, you will be very unlikely to achieve much improvement even over a long period of time. Instead you should ensure that your technique is improving and you are following a program that involves a principle called progressive overload, meaning that every time you approach an exercise you want to ensure that you are attempting an improvement from the time before either in the way of increased weight or an increase in time spent under the weight.

As I said, just getting out and getting moving is great advice for somebody who is very new to exercise or somebody who’s primary goal is to lose a lot of weight. But if you’re looking for a little more out of your workouts you would benefit from ‘finding your, why?’ which is to decipher why you are training, set some goals and program effectively, either by yourself or with the help of an exercise professional.

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