Keeping active!

The summer period is always the hardest time of the year to keep your eyes on the big picture and it's always so easy to get caught out with overeating, indulging and lack of exercise. Here are some of my tips to help you keep in shape and training during the summer period.
Routine & Planning Training
Try to keep up with your normal training as much as possible. Plan ahead to make things easier for yourself, grab a friend and go for a run or plan your exercise with your family. There are lots of things you can do with friends and family that count as exercise. Plan a bike ride, beach volleyball or go snorkelling, the festive season is all about celebrating and having fun. Exercise doesn't always have to be in the gym or on a treadmill.
Set Process Goals
The festive seasons generally consist of a lot of eating and gaining weight, followed by the New Years Resolutions to loose the weight, but this doesn't always have to be the case. Beat the odds this year by setting process goals. Instead of saying you want to loose a certain amount of kilos, set goals such as: I want to do 10 push ups every morning before breakfast. This is the process of loosing the weight, quite often you will feel much better about yourself when you achieve these processed goals. Everyone is completely different when it comes to loosing weight, if you stick with these processed goals over the festive season all of a sudden you will find yourself in better shape than before.
High Intensity Training
Quite often you can find yourself slipping out of exercise habits and routines just because you are simply too busy, and find you don't have the time to do what you would normally do. This is a great time to add some high intensity to your training. Once a week (or more if you like) try to think 'Short & Sharp'. Train at a much shorter time at a much higher intensity. Exercising at a high intensity burns fat and speeds up weight loss and these workouts take a much shorter time. The best way to do this can be by interval training for example: 20 seconds sprint then 30 seconds recovery repeat for 10 sprints then have 10 minutes recovery before going again. Depending on how much time you have, 2-3 sets is a very good workout. After adding some high intensity to your program you will head into your new year in better shape than you ever have before.
Learn to Say NO
You don't have to attend every single party or gathering that you are invited to or hear about. Be selective with parties that you attend and try to fit them as best as you can around your normal training routines.
Food, Hydration & Alcohol
It's okay to enjoy yourself during the festive season. In the end it's what it's all about but try to keep it selective and in moderation. If you have two parties in one day, try to be selective in what you eat. It's nice to be able to enjoy desert every now and then but try not to double up on things. Try to keep one party for your meal and the other party for your desert. One of the most important things to do is stay hydrated so we don't misjudge our hunger. I know I'm quite bad with this one. It's important to always carry a water bottle with you and keep sipping at it throughout the day. This will help you with not having the urge to need to snack so much. It will also offset the hunger feeling that comes with the dehydration from over indulging on the alcohol. Dehydration can give the brain the same signals as hunger and you don't want this during the festive season.

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