It’s time to simplify things

I’ve touched on this in many of my previous articles but I think this topic deserves an article of it’s own.

Training for weight loss has become too hard! All the different diets to follow, the different exercise programs that will help you lose more weight than the others, the supposed ‘fat burning foods’, the anti-cardio propaganda etc. etc. the list is huge.

It really doesn’t have to be that hard! 

Another trainer gave a metaphor that I really like, ‘think of weight loss as a leaky bathroom, too many people are trying to decide which kind of mop they are going to use (exercise selection) to clean the mess before solving the real problem – the leak!’ the leak in this situation is your caloric intake. The absolute bottom line is – if you consume more calories than you lose you will gain fat, if you consume less calories than you lose, you will see a loss in fat. Yes, some mops may wipe up the mess faster than others, but that it not near as important as fixing that damn leak causing it.

A healthy, more active body will burn more calories daily than a sedimentary one – choose a form of exercise you don’t hate doing and go hard at it, this will have a much higher percentage chance that you will stick to it and see good long term change.

If you regularly eat unhealthy foods (take-away, chocolate, donuts, pizza, lollies etc) you don’t need to pay somebody to write a meal plan for you.. Just stop eating so much of that stuff! I have something I often say to my clients – If somebody eats 10 Big Mac meals a day, they will start to feel better if they start eating 9 a day. 9 Big Mac meals still sounds crazy to most people, but to that person, it is an improvement. You don’t need a complete overhaul straight up, you just need to make healthier choices to begin with. When it gets to the point where you feel like you are eating great and still want that extra push, that is when meal plan’s will come in handy.

There are plenty more points on this topic, but let’s leave that for another day.

Stay healthy guys

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