Exercise whilst travelling

It’s that time of year that so many people are travelling to warmer climates in attempts to give themselves a break from the single digit (in some places even minus) temperatures. If you’re like me, you’ve been on holidays before and returned a larger, slower, more sluggish version of before you left. This doesn’t always have to be the case! We’re going to go through tips and tricks in order to remain in some sort of shape (other than round) when you decide to go on adventure.
Holidays are a great time to focus on improving your NEAT! What is NEAT you ask? NEAT stands for Non-Exercise activity thermogenesis, does that help? Of course not.. In simple terms, this refers to the energy expended during non-exercise related activities such as walking the dog, doing the gardening or vacuuming the house. In very simple terms, the amount of energy (calories) you burn per day can be broken down to three areas:

  • Through exercise

  • Through the thermic effect of digesting food

  • Through our NEAT

As you may be exercising less whilst on holidays and you have no control of how many calories you will burn during digestion, why not focus on the remaining area we can control? And during holidays can be the best time to do it! Take the stairs instead of escalators, swim when you can, walk around new cities and explore the area – the opportunities are everywhere waiting for you.
I am a big advocate of weight based exercise, I love using resistance training to improve my fitness and encourage my clients to do the same. But when you travel, it gives you a great excuse to try something new. I would suggest a form of exercise that requires very minimal or no equipment. Bodyweight workouts, yoga, pilates etc.. Any good PT should be able to hook you up with some options, or at least point you in the direction of somebody that can.
I’d like to start this paragraph by pointing out that I am being very hypocritical here.. Buttttt you don’t HAVE to eat and drink EVERYTHING you see whilst on holidays (although I personally think that is the best part). If you decide to take this advice, you could start by considering your entire day of eating, if you know you are going to be consuming a large amount of calories in the evening, consider eating and drinking more thoughtfully throughout the day. You can still eat your delicious foods whilst travelling, but you don’t always need to eat your bodyweights worth of it – portion control can go a long away. And the best / worst advice would have to be – you don’t ALWAYS need the buffet breakfast (who am I kidding, yes you do, you’re on holiday).
Happy Travelling!

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