Springtime Enemies

If you have never suffered hayfever in your life, then you are extremely lucky because hayfever must be the bain of the majority of Tasmanians. Come September and many find themselves sneezing their way from 8am to 8pm, including myself. It’s that all too common feeling of rubbing your eyes so much it hurts but is oh so satisfying and realising you have hayfever. 

So why do some people get to enjoy the delicious springtime air and others don’t? The enemy here is pollen. Pollen is a teeny tiny grain that comes from the male part of a plant and is carried in the air to the female part to reproduce. Other enemies include house dust, moulds and animal furs. These enemies form an army that march straight up our noses and attack. 

Luckily these days there are a wide range of pharmacy medications that can help you feel human again. Oral antihistamines can work wonders but you may need to try a variety until you find the one for you. Other great options are nasal sprays or allergic eye drops. A simple chat with your pharmacist or GP will point you in the right direction.  

Finally, for those that have had enough then a referral from your GP to an allergy specialist for allergy testing and the consideration of desensitisation may be warranted. This is a much more costly pathway but the benefits can be life changing for some. 

So this year why don’t you spring into action and figure out how to actually enjoy the springtime weather rather than sneezing each second of the day!

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