Pregnancy 101 for the newbie

So you’re up the duff? Whether this was planned or unplanned the first thought after the shock that a human being has started to grow inside of you is ‘what now?’.

Firstly, you need to commence a prenatal multivitamin that contains folate amongst many other important things like iron and iodine. This should’ve started before you conceived but it’s never too late. The folate will ensure your growing bub doesn’t develop birth defects of the spinal cord.

Next if you are smoking or drinking alcohol then stop. Do I really need to elaborate any further as to why?

Currently all you may feel like eating are greasy fries, which if that’s all you can keep down then at least its something. Ideally, however and if you can, a healthy diet comprising a selection of fruit, vegetables, grains, red meat, seafood and dairy will help that little bun in the oven to bake in just the right way.

Along with an unhealthy diet there are other foods that must also not pass your lips. These are foods that may be at risk of a bacterium called listeria that can be harmful to little junior. These include soft cheeses, raw seafood and meats, deli meats, pre prepared salads, pate and the one I personally have had issues with during my pregnancy is soft serve ice cream.

The very last must is on demand foot rubs and back massages from your partner so be sure to tell them its strictly doctors orders!

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