New Year's Resolutions

“Why is my butt so big?” As the end of the year approaches and I find myself trying to fit my behind into a dress that quite clearly doesn’t fit, I’m reminded of my 2017 New Year's resolution of toning up said behind. Now it looks like it will also be my 2018 New Year's resolution. “Hmm it does look a little snug”, comes the ever so helpful comment from the sales assistant. My instant reply is, “It will be less snug once I get back into the gym”. I know I’m not the only person out there that has this dilemma.  Do I buy it and hope that in 2018 I will actually follow through with my New Year's resolution?
Lose weight, quit the fags, stop swearing, eat less chocolate, become a domestic goddess are some of the promises people toss up every year (becoming a domestic goddess has been on my list since 2001). As a GP it’s common at this time of the year for many of my patients to mention that the time has come to achieve something they have wanted to achieve all year.  The most common is to lose weight. 
How many people actually achieve their goal? A few do, but many give up. Why do they fail? The weather has been bad, work has been busy, their knees are playing up, they had a cold, etc. etc. I hear it all and I hear it often. Did you know that Australia is ranked as one of the fattest nations in the developed world? How did this happen? Is it because we like to try and be the best at everything or is it because everybody’s knees have been playing up?
Losing weight is hard. It is really hard. I know because all my patients tell me. But every so often my colleagues and myself are surprised when a patient walks in looking slimmer, healthier and happier. How did they do it? Besides the obvious way of healthy eating and exercise the real answer is to cut the excuses and just do it! Don’t give up or forget that resolution you made. It’s hard work and requires a whole lot of commitment but the results can be worth it.
Next year make your resolution NOT to be somebody that gives up but somebody who is going to achieve their goals, whether it’s weight loss, giving up smoking or toning up that booty!

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