The importance of drinking water

04 October 2018
As someone working in the fitness industry, the most important thing I tell my clients they should be doing is drinking water.

Exercise whilst travelling

13 September 2018
It’s that time of year that so many people are travelling to warmer climates in attempts to give themselves a break from the single digit (in some places even minus) temperatures.

It’s time to simplify things

24 July 2018
Training for weight loss has become too hard! All the different diets to follow, the different exercise programs that will help you lose more weight than the others, the supposed ‘fat burning foods’,


18 June 2018
Superfood is a term that is regularly used now with not many people having much of an idea what it means or what foods fall into the category.

3 Common Fitness Myths

01 June 2018
Today we are going to break down the three most common myths surrounding the topic of health and fitness.

Not all exercise is created equal!

02 May 2018
‘It’s better to be at the bottom of a ladder you want to climb than to be on the top of one that you don’t’ – Chris Guillebeau.

The truth behind getting that six pack!

23 March 2018
In today’s article, we are going to look into three different factors to consider when you are training to improve your body composition and just to look better in general.

Trust the process!

01 March 2018
If you are considering undertaking a weight loss journey, are currently in the process of trying to lose weight or have ever been unsuccessful in your attempts for weight loss, then this article is fo

Keeping active!

15 February 2018
The summer period is always the hardest time of the year to keep your eyes on the big picture and it's always so easy to get caught out with overeating, indulging and lack of exercise.
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