Chronic pain management

06 July 2017
Acute pain is short-lived pain that goes away when the injury or disease causing it is treated or has healed. Pain is said to have become chronic when it has occurred on most days of the week for more

Blood pressure: what is your target?

06 July 2017
Blood pressure is measured using an instrument called a sphygmomanometer. It consists of an inflatable cuff, an inflating bulb, and a gauge to show the blood pressure.

How to deal with stress

07 December 2016
Most people suffer from stress at some point in their lives. Showing signs of stress does not mean that you are a weak person, just human like everybody else.

Cholesterol: check your levels

14 September 2016
The amount of cholesterol and other fats known as triglycerides in a person's bloodstream is a strong indication of the likelihood of them having a heart attack.

Why Routine Eye Examinations Are Important

01 May 2016
​Many people are aware of the benefits of routine eye examinations, but there are still a considerable number of people over fifty years old who have never been to see an optometrist.

Health Checks

22 January 2016
Many people are proud of being able to claim that they never go to the doctor. In some ways this is good news because it means they have no illness needing medical attention.
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