Pregnancy 101 for the newbie

22 March 2017
So you’re up the duff? Whether this was planned or unplanned the first thought after the shock that a human being has started to grow inside of you is ‘what now?’.

New Year's Resolutions

07 December 2016
“Why is my butt so big?” As the end of the year approaches and I find myself trying to fit my behind into a dress that quite clearly doesn’t fit, I’m reminded of my 2017 New Year's resolution

Springtime Enemies

13 September 2016
If you have never suffered hayfever in your life, then you are extremely lucky because hayfever must be the bain of the majority of Tasmanians.

The Truth About The Flu

14 May 2016
Have you ever been hit by a bus? I’m guessing the majority of you haven’t. But if you have ever had the flu (and I mean the ‘real’ flu) then you certainly would know this feeling.

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