Four common questions Optometrists are frequently asked

09 July 2019
Find out the answers to the four most common questions Optometrists are asked.

Back to Basics with Corey Baldock

29 March 2019
There are a multitude of mistakes people make when it comes to their fitness, nutrition and lifestyle and often it’s forgetting the role they all play on one another.

Springtime Enemies

13 September 2016
If you have never suffered hayfever in your life, then you are extremely lucky because hayfever must be the bain of the majority of Tasmanians.

The Truth About The Flu

14 May 2016
Have you ever been hit by a bus? I’m guessing the majority of you haven’t. But if you have ever had the flu (and I mean the ‘real’ flu) then you certainly would know this feeling.

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