People with asthma urged to manage their hay fever

The Asthma Foundation of Tasmania is reminding people with pollen allergies to actively manage their condition during the state’s peak pollen seasons – spring and summer.

The Tasmanian Asthma Foundation’s Wendy Evans said that asthma can be trigged by many of the same environmental allergens that trigger hay fever.

“Hay fever is a common cause of nose and eye symptoms due to environmental allergens including pollens,” she said.

“Around 80 per cent of all people with asthma experience hay fever and managing hay fever and allergies is an important part of asthma care.”

Asthma is a serious condition that affects more than 60,000 Tasmanians. The best way to protect against the condition is to ensure the day-to-day symptoms of hay fever and asthma are controlled.

This includes taking preventer medication daily (if prescribed by your GP) and keep track of potential triggers like pollen.

“If you have hay fever, talk to your GP about the best options for management,” Ms Evans said.

“November and December is the time of year that severe asthma associated with thunderstorms has occurred on mainland of Australia.

“No episode has been documented in Tasmania but is possible they could happen here.

“Thunderstorm asthma usually affects people who have season hay fever or allergic asthma, but it can affect people who have never had asthma before.”

The Asthma Foundation recommends the AirRater app for Tasmanians with respiratory conditions and hay fever who are sensitive to pollen or smoke from bushfires and burn-offs.

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