Keeping your family safe

Did you know St.LukesHealth offers a rebate under our General Treatment product for high cost pharmaceuticals?

Many of our members have elected to claim a rebate for their vaccines recently, with the fund experiencing a significant spike in claiming for pharmacy costs for those aged under 19.

St.LukesHealth has attributed this to a recent increased incidence of Meningococcal disease and families acting to protect their children.

In July this year, the Tasmanian Government launched a vaccination program that is being rolled out at GP clinics and pharmacies across the state. Under the program vaccinations Nimenrix and Menactra, containing the ACWY strain, are currently being delivered through the Department of Health and Human Services.

Many families are also electing for their children to receive the Meningococcal Type B vaccination. However, this vaccination is not covered under the free program and comes at a significant cost, particularly for those with multiple children.

For those wanting to cover their children with this vaccination, St.LukesHealth members with a Super Extras product on their policy can receive up to a maximum benefit* to assist with the cost.

This is another great reason to be covered with St.LukesHealth. If you would like to upgrade your extras cover, or add it to your hospital policy, please contact one of our Customer Care Consultants on 1300 651 988.

*Benefit is only available to members who have an appropriate level of cover, present a private pharmacy receipt (or equivalent) and have paid more than $39.50 (2018 PBS rate) for that medication.
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