Finding a health professional

St.LukesHealth has partnered with digital health company Healthshare to assist members make more informed decisions about out-of-pocket costs when choosing a treating medical specialist.

Healthshare will soon be available on, however members of the fund can use it now to assist when deciding on a specialist for surgery by visiting

Healthshare will help members choose a health professional that offers “no” or “known” gaps, so that they are informed of the costs associated with their surgery.

An out-of-pocket cost is the difference between what you are charged for a medical or hospital service and what Medicare and/or your private health insurer can pay.

St.LukesHealth is committed to alleviating the out-of-pocket cost members face and help members make more informed decisions about their healthcare.

With the information provided by Healthshare, combined with the St.LukesHealth Gap cover scheme, members have much better visibility of the gap charged by specialists and can make informed decisions about reducing or eliminating the gap between the Medicare Benefits Schedule fee and the fee the doctor charges for hospital inpatient medical services.

Your doctor can participate as either a “no” gap provider, meaning there is no out-of-pocket expense to pay, or a “known” gap provider, where your medical provider agrees to charge no more than a specific known gap for each medical service.

By selecting St.LukesHealth when searching for a health professional, you will see a list of specialist who participate in the St Luke’s Gap Cover program.

Over time, the fund will continue to improve the information available to our members directly on the St.LukesHealth site.
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