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2, 3 & 6 Month waiting periods waived on extras*

*St.LukesHealth will waive the 2, 3 and 6 month waiting periods on extras cover only, for anyone who joins or switches to Hospital and Extras between September 1 and November 30, 2018.

Extras waiting periods greater than six months still apply.

This promotion will apply in the following circumstances

·         New members or transfers from other funds who join hospital AND extras.

·         New partner’s/spouses being added to an existing policy by upgrading to a family cover. Promotion applies to the new partner/spouse only.

·         Existing members adding Hospital cover to an existing Extras cover or adding Extras cover to an existing Hospital Cover.

·         Members upgrading their extras cover, providing they retain their hospital cover.

·         In the case of a single member upgrading their policy to a single parent policy (family) the promotion applies to the new dependant/s only.

This promotion will not apply in the following circumstances:

·         New member joins or transfers to hospital only or extras only no promotion applies.

·         Existing members on a family policy adding new dependants no promotion applies.

·         When a member transfers from one St.LukesHealth policy to another without upgrading no promotion applies.

·         When someone removes themselves, or is taken off an existing St.LukesHealth policy and they commence on their own new policy with the same cover no promotion applies.

·         When an existing member upgrades extras only no promotion applies.


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