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Hospital Provider

If the hospital you’re looking for is not on the list of agreement hospitals it means St.LukesHealth does not have an agreement with that hospital. If you are treated at a non-agreement hospital you may have out of pocket costs to pay. Please contact St.LukesHealth on 1300 651 988 for more information prior to being treated in a non-agreement hospital.

Medical Provider

The medical provider listing shows those medical practitioners who have indicated to St.LukesHealth their intention to participate in the St. Luke's Gap Cover arrangement and who have requested to be included on this list. Medical Practitioners not listed may still participate in the arrangement. If your doctor is not listed, you should ask them if you can be billed under the St. Luke's Gap Cover arrangement.


What is a “No Gap” medical provider?

A medical practitioner listed as a “No Gap” provider has indicated to St.LukesHealth that they will accept the St.LukesHealth benefit as full payment for their services and therefore there will be no out of pocket cost for members using a “No Gap” participating provider.

What is a “Known Gap” medical provider?

A medical practitioner listed as a “Known Gap” provider has indicated to St.LukesHealth that they will charge a set amount above the St.LukesHealth benefit and therefore the member will have an out of pocket cost. However, the medical practitioner should inform you of what that gap will be prior to treatment wherever possible. 

General Treatment Provider

The general treatment provider listing includes those providers who have agreed to have their provider details published. Therefore not all providers registered with St.LukesHealth are on the list. If your provider is not shown you should contact St.LukesHealth on 1300 651 988 to see if they are registered for benefit. St.LukesHealth does not make recommendations as to which provider you should see, so this list should not be seen as a recommendation of the providers shown.

At present St.LukesHealth is unable to include a provider listing of other general treatment modalities such as dental, physiotherapy and chiropractic. However, we are working to extend this list in a future release of the application.    

Optical Provider

The optical providers listed offer discounts to St.LukesHealth members. However, St.LukesHealth benefits are payable to all registered optical providers.

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