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St.LukesHealth claims 2016 Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction award for Private Health Insurance

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

St.LukesHealth has taken home the prestigious 2016 Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction award for Private Health Insurance.

The award was announced at a packed Melbourne venue last week and caps off a stellar 2016 for the expanding Tasmania company which also won eight of the 12 monthly customer satisfaction awards for the private health insurance industry.

The Launceston based company’s opposition included the nation’s largest health insurers such as Bupa, Medibank, nib and ahm.

St.LukesHealth CEO Chris Williams said the not-for-profit organisation had come a long way since it was established in Launceston, 65 years ago.

“Winning this award is a great honour for all St.LukesHealth staff, our executive team and board members,” said Mr Williams.

“We understand that consumer preferences are always changing and therefore in order to best service the needs of our members, we as a business need to change too.

“The fact we are a smaller, locally managed and not-for-profit private health insurance company means we are nimble enough to quickly make changes to the organisation and all profits are directed back in the business.

“Our goal is to deliver high quality private health insurance to all Australians, with the highest degree of customer satisfaction possible.

“St.LukesHealth has made many innovative changes to the way were deliver private health insurance over the past few years.

“This award proves these changes have been well received by our customers and have made their private health insurance experience better.

“We have invested resources into the development of a Mobile Claiming Application. This mobile technology provides an easy and useful mobile experience for all members. The app is cutting edge amongst the Hospital and Medical Benefits System (HAMBS) fund community, with St.LukesHealth being one of the first health insurance funds in Australia to provide such a service. 

“Across Tasmania, we have also redefined the face-to-face customer experience, moving away from a bank teller style set up and turning our Customer Care Centres into spaces where St.LukesHealth staff can truly engage with the customer to find them the best outcome.

“St.LukesHealth is moving away from the old indemnity model for health insurance, to be an innovative organisation empowering its members.”

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Manager – Brand and Marketing

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