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St.LukesHealth offering more options for members

Friday, 17 February 2017

St.LukesHealth has introduced a new Dependant Extension option on selected hospital and package products for parents with children turning 23 who are no longer students.

St.LukesHealth CEO Chris Williams said “Our new options allow non-student child dependants to remain on their parent’s policy until their 25th birthday for an additional premium, as long as they are not married or living in a defacto relationship”.

“We have introduced this option for our members as we saw a need for parents wanting to protect their children who are not going onto full time study.” Mr Williams said.

“As part of our commitment to members, we saw that it was a requirement to provide parents the option for their dependants to remain covered thus giving them immediate access to private hospital treatment and not have to re-serve waiting periods, allowing them to be protected for longer.”

“We are hoping to build a long-term relationship with non-student child dependants, which will result in them becoming members themselves once they turn 25”.

Mr Williams said “If you are with another health fund and are looking to protect your non-student child dependant, our Dependent Extension option is available for people looking to switch”.

“Dependants who are single and studying full time can still remain on their parent’s policy until their 25th birthday” Mr Williams said.

For more information, or to sign up to the new Dependant Extension option, please call 1300 651 988 or click here to review our health cover options.

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