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New Burnie Customer Care Centre

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

St.LukesHealth have opened the doors to their new look Burnie office in the heart of the CBD.

The new office offers St.Lukes members a unique customer service experience through the installation of new technologies, and the removal of ‘across the counter’ style of service in favour of a more personalised ‘pod’ configuration.

St.LukesHealth CEO Chris Williams said the redevelopment of the Burnie office is a reflection of the Tasmanian owned health insurance provider’s commitment to the north west coast.

“We feel we are embarking on a new era in the delivery of private health insurance to our existing members on the north west coast,” said Mr Williams.

“Our membership base is expanding right across the state so we are looking to refresh the public facing service centres across Tasmania.”

The Burnie office is the first St.LukesHealth office to feature self-serve kiosks and customer care pods.

The pods are self-contained spaces which allow staff to interact closely and personally with members.

Mr Williams said the switch to the pod design is a step away from the old counter style method of service, which St.Lukes saw as a closed environment for interacting with its members.

“We have also introduced a range of new technologies such as self-service kiosks to make our members’ experience easier,” he said.

“Customers will have the ability to use the self-service kiosk which allows them to manage their transactions for themselves, with the option to utilise the knowledge and experience of the St.LukesHealth customer care team.

“This technology is a fantastic way to offer a faster experience for our members.

“We feel we have really put ourselves at the forefront of customer service for a fund of this size, and within the Tasmanian market, this is a quite unique offering.”

Mr Williams said there are plans to bring the other St.LukesHealth offices around the state in line with the Burnie model but the organisation will not be taking the ‘cookie-cutter’ to each office.

 “We want to refine the approach for each location and region to make sure it works for the people that work in those areas, without diverting from our organisational goals.

“We are looking at different stages to roll the model out across the state, in the next stage the scope is not limited to our existing offices, and we will look at other opportunities in Tasmania where there may be a need for the presence of St.LukesHealth.”

Mr Williams also said St.LukesHealth will consider other opportunities in Launceston, Hobart, Devonport and Smithton areas as a minimum.

St.LukesHealth would like to thank all involved in the refurbishment of the Burnie office.

Mr Williams said the collaborative nature of the project from all the parties involved has been impressive, from the architects, to the technology vendors, the St.LukesHealth team, and the construction builders, they have all worked together to achieve something that is a significant contribution to the community.

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