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Community benefits from not-for-profit sector

19 November 2020
A world without not-for-profit organisations would be a very different place. 

Meet our young achiever, Harriet

18 November 2020
It is not often that Dorset's Harriet Beattie is left speechless, but that is exactly what happened when she was announced as the recipient of St.LukesHealth Healthier Communities Award.

Tasmanians to reap benefits of support from the ‘Pulse of Tasmania’

03 November 2020
Bank of us, Tasplan and St.LukesHealth have announced the first ‘Pulse of Tasmania’ grants  - $45,000 in total - to Tasmanian organisations.

How technology lets you take control of your health

28 October 2020
At St.LukesHealth, we understand that not all business can occur between the hours of 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Helping you raise a healthy child

28 October 2020
Whether you are planning a family, your child has just entered the world, started kindergarten or in their teenage years, St.LukesHealth can assist you to stay across all their health information.

Just a bump in the road

26 August 2020
Things don’t always go to plan, there will be failures, but that’s to be expected.

Partnership extended with SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY

24 July 2020
To encourage Tasmanians to seek more support in the mental health space, St.LukeHealth is proud to continue its partnership with SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY.

The private health system demonstrates its value during COVID-19

20 July 2020
As I look at the COVID-19 statistics around the world, I have never been so glad to live in Australia – particularly Tasmania - and have the backing of our private and public health systems.

Monitoring your child's developments

16 July 2020
Did you know that monitoring your child’s health, growth and developmental milestones is an important indicator of future health outcomes?
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St.LukesHealth has agreements with a number of medical and allied health providers.
St.LukesHealth has agreements with a number of medical and allied health providers.

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